Friday, August 25, 2006

k-600i & k-608i

3G mobile services – fast and effective Multitasking – surf and send while you talk Video – streaming, record and send K608i Specifications No limits – 3G No limits – 3G3G is changing the way we communicate. You can see who you’re talking to. Send images and video as you speak and enjoy broadband Internet in your hand. K608i has a 1.3 megapixel camera for high quality images and a clear color screen to enjoy video streaming and a mobile multimedia experience on the move. Have your calendar with you everywhere and when you need to connect your laptop to the Internet, K608i is your fast and always-on modem. Screen 176x220 pixelColor LCD 262,144 Networks GSM 1900GSM 900GSM 1800UMTSAvailable colours Silky WhitePearl SilverSizes 105.1 x 45.4 x 18.8 mm 4.1 x 1.8 x .7 inchesFeatures Imaging Camera 1.3 megapixel Picture editorSound recorderPicture galleryPicture effectsPicture PhonebookWallpaper animationPicture wallpaperCamera integratedEmailInstant MessagingSMS long (Text Messaging)VideoDJ™Photo lightMacromedia Flash Lite™ (trademark of Macromedia)Themes displayMMS (Multimedia Messaging)QuickShare™Video streamingVideo recordMMS VideoEMS (Enhanced Messaging)Video ClipVideo callScreensaverViewfinder displayPredictive text input Entertainment Melody composer/MIDI (MusicDJ™)Media Player PlayNow™Content OnlineMusic tonesGames EmbeddedPolyphonic ringtonesGames DownloadJava™FM Radio Connectivity UMTSSync MLInfrared portGPRSHigh-Speed DataUSB supportSynchronisation PCBluetooth™ wireless technology3G Internet WAP 1.2.1WAP 2.0ModemWTLS Controls Vibrating AlertCamera buttonJoystickMenu shortcutsIcon DesktopSelection keysSide Volume KeysVoice MailVoice control Organiser Code memoCalculatorBusiness card exchangeFile managerCalendarTasksSpeaker phoneStopwatchContactsAlarm clockTimerPhone bookConference callsPIM Sync

Memory Card Lock Password

Memory Card Lock PasswordS60 Phone have facility to Protect your Memory Card using Lock Password.
Why using Lock Password ?1. To protect your Memory Card using in other phone.2. If someone stole your Memory Card , he/she will be trouble to used it - except he/she have experience with Phone Hardware Device.
What will you do if you FORGOT your Lock Password ?
Solution One—————–This solution for Phone that have execution file name : on folder z:\system\app\Note :Not all S60 Phone have this execution file.To unlock Memory Card :- Run execution file Enter new Password you like (example “12345″)- Run app Memory (Phone app Memory Standard)- Choose To Unlock MMC with that new password

Memory too low , delete some data first.

ProblemWhen u install big app/game in NGage with big file installer more then 1 MB - this trouble always shown.
Why ?The msg said Memory Too Low - means not Memory Card Low. But means Phone Drive Space not enough space to saved the installer and run the installer. Why ? Symbian Platform I have a routine to install app/game like this :1. U transfer installer file into phone via BT2. Phone Save the file in msg Inbox with category BT msg in drive C (becouse NGage only can saved msg in drive C)3. When u open that msg , Phone copy this file into application installer folder (this folder in drive C)4. And when installation routine run - the app installer file need space about 400 KB space free in drive C to run5. When No. 4 is run then the msg shown.
This happen becouse NGage only have free space in phone drive (drive C) about 1 - 3 MB (depend how many ur Contact , ur msg in inbox , ur app/game in phone drive , ur datas in phone drive).
SolutionThe DOOM game have size 1.7 MB - u tranfer it into phone - need drive c space 1.7 MB - and saved it into application installer folder need drive c space 1.7 MB - and app installation need space 400 KB to run. So NGage need 2 * 1.7 MB + 500 KB = 3.9 MB free space to install DOOM.
The TIPS - How To Trick it—————————————1. Make sure ur NGage drive c have free space about 2 MB or more. If less - remove some ur datas in drive C into ur Memory Card (drive e) or delete ur msg in INBOX until u have that free space.2. Tranfer/Send DOOM Game into ur Phone via BT3. Open that BT msg4. Wait until Phone complete to copy the installer file into application installation folder and when the msg error shown , just answer OK.5. Open ur INBOX , delete the BT msg (File installer that u send)6. Run ur app Application (u can find it in folder Extra or any folder if u ever move it)7. Find the installer file DOOM - usually in the bottom list of Application with have icon Phone8. When u find it - run it.9. Wait until installation complete.10. Thats all. Have fun with DOOM.

The Most Common Problem in Series 60 Phones

I badly need your friend’s got a nokia 3660.what happens is that when he tries to open his fon, the monitor would lit, the word nokia would come out then it would shut down again…please post the solution asap.your help is greatly appreciated.
If u first boot or reboot ur phone and system can not load success , this can be becouse :1. Ur MMC content app/game that have app start up can not loaded (app start up = app that always be open when ur phone first boot/reboot)2. Ur MMC Demage3. Ur Phone 3rd Party app Damage4. Ur Phone System Damage
Solution1. Remove ur MMC from ur Phone. Check ur MMC if ur MMC damage or not (U can check it with using Card Reader or try to use it in other phone).
If answer YES - so the problem came from MMC Damage , buy a new MMC.
If answer NO - so the problem not came from MMC Damage. And try to boot ur phone without insert MMC. See if ur problem fix. If NOT read Solution 2 but if YES , then format ur MMC and install all ur app/game again.
2. Try Reformat ur Phone - Before reformat make sure that ur battery is full and remove ur MMC from phone. In situation ur phone OFF , press and hold three button (Dial(Green) , * and 3). Then switch ur Phone ON. Wait until format screen show and u can release the three button. Then wait until ur phone format complete. After format Phone complete ur phone will ask u to set Date and Time and set it , then REFORMAT is complete all. Then switch OFF ur phone. Insert ur MMC and switch ON ur phone. If there is not a problem show until stand by menu - its means ur already fix the problem. But if phone can not boot until stand by menu or there are some error msg show - its means ur must reformat ur phone again and ur must reformat ur MMC too (but this time format MMC not using phone but using Card Reader).
If solution 2 not working - read solution 3.
3. Other situation - if reformat phone (Solution 2) not working. Then the only solution is REFLASH ur phone. If u know how to reflash ur phone u can do it ur self. But my opinion from read ur post - i m sure that u do not know how to do it. My suggest bring ur phone to Nokia Service Center and let them do it for u.
NoteSolution 1 => This is for Problem came from MMC Damage or MMC have start up app that can load complete.Solution 2 => This is for Problem came from 3rd Party app Damage.Solution 3 => This is for problem came from System Damage.

The tricks to send .sis file to S60 Phone

Requirement- Hardware :1. Personal Computer (PC)2. Data Transmition Device such as : Bluetooth Device (BT) or InfraRed Device (IR)
or Card Reader (CR) or Data Cable (DC)Note : For BT device - using BT device with WidComm driver -
becouse only this driver support Nokia PC Suite and Oxygen Phone Manager II.
- Additional Software (Connectivity App) - this is just option - u can have it or not
, it does not matter. That App such as :1. Nokia PC Suite For S60 or2. Oxygen Phone Manager II For Symbian Phone and many other.Note : Using Data Cable as Transmition Device , need App Connectivity.
And using Card Reader only if u have Multimedia Card in Phone. And for IR device ,
i suggest use app connectivity too , becouse transfer file via IR more easy to do if
using app connectivity then using IR wizard.
My Suggest Requirement :1. PC2. BT and Card Reader3. Nokia PC Suite
The way to Send File :1. In PC , install driver for Data Transmition Device (BT/IR/CR/DC). But some
OS Windows already have plug and play for device like IR and CR. So if OS
Windows already know device and set its driver , u dont have to install device driver.2. Install App for Connectivity (such as PC Suite/OPM II).
This app must be install into PC if u using DC (Data Cable) as Data
Transmition Device. But if u using BT/IR/CR - u dont have to ,
but if u want to install it , it does not matter.3. Plug in ur Data Transmition Device.4. Transfer fileUsing DataCable/IR/BT Device with run app connectivity :- Run app connectivity- In app connectivity - choose transfer file- Choose a file that u want to tranfer- Choose destination folder in phone where that file will put- Choose transferBut if that file is installer file (such as .sis , .jar or .jad), u dont have to
transfer it first and use file browser in phone to install it, but u can just install it
directly from PC , the way to do it :- Run app connectivity- Choose install device software.- Chosee installer file- Choose ok
Using BT Device without Run App Connectivity :- Run BT Connection Wizard (If u using Widcomm driver for BT device -
BT Connection Wizard will always run when PC first boot). To make sure
the BT Connection Wizard already run , check Windows system tray icon.- Use Windows Explorer to find the file u want to transfer- If u find that file, just right click the file and choose send to - choose
bluetooth - choose ur phone bluetooth name- And that file will send into phone. After send file complete , phone will
recieve BT msg- Open phone inbox to see BT msg- If BT msg content installer file (such as .sis , .jar or .jad) , phone will run
auto install to install that file.
Using Card Reader :- Before using Card Reader to transfer file into Multimedia Card , make
sure that u already have app for file browser in phone (such as SeleQ ,
Profi Explorer etc). Why ? Becouse Nokia phone Standard Application Package
did not have app for file browser. U need app for file browser to open
Multimedia Card root in phone (drive e).- Insert Multimedia Card into Card Reader- Make a folder in Multimedia Card Root for easy to find all transfer files.
For example a folder name ..\MyTransferFiles\- Copy all files that u want to transfer into phone in Multimedia Card in folder ..\MyTransferFiles\- After that insert Multimedia Card into phone- Run app for file browser to browse Multimedia Card root.- If that file is installer file (such as .sis , .jar or .jad) , just choose file - choose open
and phone will run auto install to install it.